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pyconfig is a tool that allows you to write the contents of your .xcconfig files in a simple and more expressive language and have them be generated prior to building a target in Xcode.

Contributing and Code of Conduct License

This project and related material has a Code of Conduct that is listed in the file. This must be read and adhered to when interacting with this project. Additionally this code is released under a 3-clause BSD license that you can read here.

Requirements Python Python

This tool is built and tested against Python 2.7.10 and 3.6.0.

Module Version
pyparsing >=2.0.1

Note: All of these modules come as part of the system Python installation for OS X (which is 2.7.10 as of 10.11.5), but you will have to install them yourself if necessary on other systems. These modules can be accquired through pip install.

Installation homebrew homebrew

Via homebrew:

$ brew update
$ brew tap samdmarshall/formulae
$ brew install samdmarshall/formulae/pyconfig

To install the tool from the repo, clone from Github then run the respective make command for the desired version.

Installing for Python 2

$ make build2

Installing for Python 3

$ make build3


To use pyconfig to generate an .xcconfig file, you will have to pass it a path as input:

$ pyconfig <file path to the configuration file or directory>

There are a number of flags that can be passed to modify the behavior of pyconfig:

Flags Usage
--version Displays the version of pyconfig and exits
--scheme <name> Add additional variable defined as SCHEME_NAME = <name>
--no-analyze Skip the analysis step of processing the .pyconfig files
--dry-run Do not write any output files
--quiet Silences all logging output
--verbose Logs additional information
--scm-info <type> Write an additional .xcconfig file that contains information from the source control management software for versioning


One of the greatest benefits to using .xcconfig files are part of your build process is that they make the configuration of build settings be represented inside of a human-readable plain-text file rather than being part of the Xcode project's .pbxproj file. For the documentation on the DSL syntax please refer to the wiki, which is located at the docs directory of this repo.

Future Plans

I hope to be able to further enhance the capabilities of this tool to make the management of the .xcconfig files easy and understandable to newcomers. If you have an idea as to how to better extend this tool you should open a new issue to discuss it.