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an editor for hyper-readings based on
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Hyper Reader

This is a work in progress.

An editor for HyperReadings built with Substance. The structure of this application is indebted to Texture.


Simply install the current pre-built release for your operating system:

View all releases

Note: Hyper Reader is currently an unsigned application so you may receive warnings or may be unable to open it on your computer without consenting. Each operating system is different, but look at you can find instructions for how to open this app on a mac here.

Alternatively, you can build the application yourself from the source code.

Getting the source code

The best way to get the files for this project is with the version control system git. Follow the git installation instructions for your operating system.

Once you have git, clone the source code repository down to your machine.

In your terminal application, enter:

git clone

And then change to the project directory:

cd ./hyper-reader

Installing Node and dependencies

This project is build on Node (version 8 or greater). We recommend that you install it and manage Node versions using nvm. Restart your terminal application.

Follow the installation instructions with nvm, and once it is installed, install Node 8:

nvm install 8

Now use npm (comes with Node) to install the Node modules this project depends on:

npm install

Running the application

In your terminal session, enter:

npm run app

This will compile the source code and launch the application as an Electron app. You are in development mode, so whenever you change the source code, Electron will automatically recompile.

You'll need to refresh the app (control + R) to see changes.

Reading Lists

Public reading lists are available at

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