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Stack Overflow Moderation Userscripts

by Samuel Liew

Bug reports, Forks, and PRs welcome!


These are highly recommended for moderators. Minor changes to the UI/defaults makes your mod life easier by a huge amount (saving clicks, or having to hunt for a particular link/mod feature, or displaying more info upfront). Click these to jump to their descriptions:

These are highly recommended for everyone because they are too awesome:

Recommended chat userscripts:

General userscripts

Expand Short Links

Can you see the link in the post below?

  • Appends _link to short link texts in posts and comments so they can be easily seen and clicked on
  • Link is also bolded and color set to red
  • E.g.: Link . visually becomes ._link

Hover Expand Navigation Links

  • On pagination dots "..." mouseover, adds additional 30 in-between links

Lightbox Images

  • Opens image links in a lightbox instead of new window/tab in main & chat

Redacted Screenshots

  • Anonymizes user links in posts and comments
  • Masks and hides user-identifying info on page (IPs and email addresses)
  • Redact button can be found fixed on the bottom-left of the screen

Reduce Clutter

  • Removes unnecessary elements from the UI
    • Show comment vote/flag icons only on comment hover instead of all the time
    • Reduces contrast of edited comment icon
    • Show "Edit" (tags) link only on tag list hover
    • Hides announcement bar containing keywords like "podcast"
  • See comments in userscript source for more info

Searchbar & Nav Improvements

  • (Parent) Option to search child meta

  • (Meta) New search bar on meta sites, and option to search parent site

  • (Parent) Adds link to child meta in left sidebar

  • (Meta) Adds link to parent in left sidebar

  • Advanced Search Helper when search box is focused

    • Fill-in your watched/ignored tags!
    • Tag autocomplete
    • Username autocomplete
    • Useful add-ons!
  • Saved Searches

    • Toggle from search results page
    • View list via toggle button in Advanced Search Helper
  • Auto Refresh

    • Toggle from search results page

Stack Exchange Dark Mode

  • Dark theme for Stack Exchange.
  • Some elements have reduced opacity until focused/mouseover (sidebar modules/images/timestamps). Some important colours are retained.
  • Code highlighting in darker colours

Stack Exchange Wider Mode

  • Unlock the max-width of all Stack Exchange sites and utilize your wide screen
  • Change your preferred width size in source code

Stack Print Styles

  • Responsive print styles for all sites on the network, as well as chat and chat transcripts
  • Strips out unnecessary information from the page only when printing, leaving just the main content

Q&A userscripts

Additional Post Mod Actions

  • Adds a menu of quick mod-actions instead of having to wait for mod menu to load and having to select items in the mod menu
  • The items in the menu are disabled/hidden depending on context, and also slightly different options based on whether it's a Q or A
  • Able to quickly dispute or comment lock a post with custom number of days, as well as unlock
  • Quickly destroy users (with <200 rep) if they are posting spammy content (post age <30 days) (requires confirmation, 5-second throttle)
  • Post dissociation link quickly composes a post dissociation request for post user with link of post inserted into dissociation message template
  • (Stack Overflow) assists with re-duping of old questions closed with the old duplicate notice
  • (Meta Stack Overflow) one-click closing, deleting questions as off-topic, and posting canned comment

Chat Transcripts By Default

  • Rewrites chat room links to chat transcript in Q&A comments, to avoid joining the room directly

Discussed On Meta

This userscript has only been tested on Tampermonkey, and requires additional permissions for cross-site requests to Meta as it's on a different domain. Simply click on "Always allow" when prompted.

  • For questions, displays info if it's discussed on Meta
  • On arrow mouseover, displays the Meta posts
  • Works for posts with IDs >= 100000 only to prevent false positives

Downvote Posts in Search Results

  • When searching for not locked posts (locked:0 or locked:no), adds button in bottom right to downvote all displayed results

Fetch Question Stats

  • Display number of recent comments (in the last 30 days) on each post in question lists
  • For mod queues, additional info (30-day revision history) is also retrieved
  • Detects if post has any revisions after being flagged

Fetch Vote Counts Again

  • Fetch vote counts for posts and enables you to click to fetch them again, even if you do not have sufficient rep
  • Also enables fetch vote counts on posts in mod flag queue

Hide Vote Counts

  • Experiment to hide all post scores until you have voted for the post
  • Does not hide post scores for own posts, as well as locked or deleted posts.

Migration Helper

  • Dropdown list of migration targets displaying site icon/logo/header images and links to the selected site's on-topic page and mod list. Displays additional information for custom flagger for selected network site.
  • Dropdown transformed with Chosen, allowing for text search of site names

Post Headers & Question TOC

  • Sticky post headers to help when scrolling long posts / comment threads
    • User, revision history, post timeline links
    • Clicking on empty middle area scrolls to start of post (replaces URL hash)


  • Question Table of Contents of Answers in sidebar below Featured Posts module
    • Only shown when there are five or more answers
    • Answer score, accepted, user display name, indicates mods and deleted users, datetime
    • Sorted by current answer sort order (active/oldest/votes)
    • Clicking on answer links scrolls to start of post (replaces URL hash)
    • Option to toggle visibility of deleted answers (visible to 10k rep users)


Post Ids Everywhere

  • Inserts post IDs everywhere where there's a post or post link (for copying/easier x-referencing/etc)
  • Useful for copying ID of answer, for converting an answer to a comment of the target post
  • When double clicked, opens post timeline in new tab

Post Timeline Filters

  • Inserts several filter options for post timelines, useful for old posts with humongous timelines
  • Hides daily summaries by default
  • Fixes display style on comment flags expansion (jQuery show/hide defaults to block, breaking table)

Revert Tooltips

  • Reverts the new instant stacks tooltips used in the post voting containers into native browser tooltips that appear after a short delay
  • Also changes the follow/unfollow stacks tooltip to native tooltips

Comment Moderation

Comment Flag Type Colours

  • Works on user's comment flag history group page


  • Works on user's mod comment history pages


  • Works on mod comment flag queues


Comment Undeleter

  • Allows moderators to undelete comments deleted by any user, including ex-mods and Communnity user

Comment User Colors

  • Unique border colour for each user in comments to make following users in long comment threads easier
  • Only appears if user has more than one comment on the page

Display Inline Comment Flag History

  • Grabs post timelines and display comment flag counts beside post comments. This also permalinks to comment in post timeline
  • Displays flags on comment hover
  • Clear CommentFlags cache on weekends
  • On post timeline page, if comment is found in URL, also expand flags on the comment
  • Fixes display style on comment flags expansion (jQuery show/hide defaults to block, breaking table)

New Comments Layout

Better comments layout for easier readability and moderation.

  • Reduce comment body font-size to 96%
  • Comment meta-text is on a new line, font-size reduced to 90%
  • Usernames in comments are italicized
  • Deleted comment info is floated right to keep comments compact instead of taking up a new line
  • Delete links are floated right (to make it consistent with Undelete links)
  • When mouse is over comments section, show faint preview of all delete links
  • Comment hover background

User Moderation

Deleted Users Helper

  • Redirects user 404 pages to main profile
  • Linkify deleted users, show display name on mouseover
  • You can now multi-select delete/undelete posts by deleted user
  • Improved deleted user page, linkify URLs
  • Additional helpful links below for IP & username cross-referencing
  • When PII is loaded on user mod page, format the info in a textarea for easier copying into delete/destroy reason so it will look like this

Find Users Additional Info

  • Improvements for /admin/find-users

Mod Message Helper

  • Adds a message menu to userinfo boxes
  • Select from usual mod message or CM message templates
  • Selected templates are automatically selected on landing on the new message page

Mod User Quicklinks Everywhere

  • Adds user quick links under display name in posts (opens in new tabs)

Post Ban Deleted Posts

  • When user posts on Meta Stack Overflow regarding a post ban, fetch and display deleted posts (must be mod) and provide easy way to copy the results into a comment

User Activity Notifications

  • Display Windows notification when user page is open and user has new activity (new post, new comment, new edit, etc.)

User History Improvements

  • Fixes broken links in user annotations, and minor layout improvements

User Info Sidebar

  • Adds user moderation collapsable left-sidebar to user-specific pages: quick links & selection of user details from Mod Dashboard

User Social Media Profile Links

  • When user PII is loaded, add links to social media profile

Userlink Tooltips

  • On user link mouseover, display user's reputation

Suspicious Voting Helper

  • Assists in building suspicious votes CM messages
  • Highlight same users across IPxref table (hover to highlight, click to pin highlight)

Reviews Moderation

Rejected Suggested Edits

  • Adds new page /review/suggested-edits/history/rejected
  • Adds link to above page via mod links page (/admin/links) as well as Suggested Edits tabs
  • has toggle date format (like post timelines) and pagination
  • anonymous users are easy to spot because they are unlinked
  • click on left arrow toggle to display review summary
  • anonymous edits reviews are preloaded so we can detect whether they have spam rejection reasons

Review Queue Helper

  • Keyboard shortcuts for review action buttons
  • Keyboard shortcuts for popup action dialogs (close, flag, delete, reject edit)
  • Auto-focus submit button when option selected in popup action dialogs (e.g.: so you can go "2 > 2 > space" to submit)
  • Automatically skips review audits
  • Esc goes back a previous dialog pane
  • More options available when SOMU Options userscript is installed

User Review Ban Helper

  • Display users' prior review bans in review (links to review ban history), ban quicklink
  • Insert review ban/unban button in user review ban history page
  • If ban quicklink is clicked from a review, auto user lookup if user ID passed via hash, auto-fill reason with review URL
  • Link ban counts in table to user's review history

Mod Improvements & New Tools

10k Tools Helper

  • Expands all sections
  • Adds question or answer filters to Delete votes page

Mobile Moderator Pages

  • Before/After (screenshot redacted using RedactedScreenshots, and also running CommentFlagsHelper and CommentFlagTypeColours)
  • Use new responsive menu

Mod Batch Comment Deleter

Mod Flagger Stats

  • On post hover in mod flag queue, get and display flaggers stats (via tooltip on flag badge):
    Reputation, Total Flags, Declined Flags, % Declined
  • Badge links to user's flag history (opens in a new window)
  • Non-mods: Can view own flag badge on main profile page

Mod Popup Dialog Improvements

  • Delete moved comments is checked by default
  • Prevent Mod actions in Flag Queue redirecting to post - instead opens in a new tab

Moderator History Improvements

  • Better UI for recent moderator flag handling history
  • Automatically updates every 30 seconds

Personal Mod Message History

  • Displays link to switch to your recently sent mod messages in the inbox dialog

Refresh Empty Mod Queue

  • If current mod queue is empty, reload page occasionally
  • Also puts the flag count back in the navbar in case you miss it or need a link to the empty flag queue for some reason

Mod Queue-specific userscripts

Comment Flags Helper

  • Highlight common chatty/rude keywords
  • Some style improvements
  • Rename "dismiss" link to "decline" with hover warning color
  • Add "dismiss + delete" option on hover
  • Always expand comments if post is expanded (includes deleted posts), and highlights flagged user comments in expanded posts
  • Quick purge all comments link (with confirmation prompt)
  • Option to review from the bottom of the page (so page won't jump around after handling each flag)
  • Option to hide comments posted within the past day

Duplicate Answers Flags Helper

  • Add action button to delete AND insert duplicate comment at the same time, saving you from deleting and then having to open up a new tab to manually insert comment
  • Comment left on answer:
    Please [don't post identical answers to multiple questions]( Instead, tailor the answer to the question asked. If the questions are exact duplicates of each other, please vote/flag to close instead.


  • Duplicate Comment (text)

Not An Answer Flag Queue Helper

  • Inserts several sort options for the NAA / VLQ / Review LQ Disputed queues

Possible Vandalism Comment Deletions Helper

  • Display deleted comments and user who deleted the comments
  • UI is similar to commenttoomanydeletedrudenotconstructiveauto queue + Comment Flags Helper

Possible Vandalism Deletions Helper

  • Sort answers first

  • Display post score, number of undeleted answers, post age

  • Recommend action based on post info

Possible Vandalism Edits Helper

  • Similar to the above, display revision count, post age
  • Does not recommend as edits still need to be reviewed manually

Too Many Comments Flag Queue Helper

  • Auto-expand unhandled posts
  • Display post info at the bottom
  • Inserts quicklinks to "Move comments to chat + delete" and "Delete all comments"
  • Confirmation displayed after successful response from server (don't forget to mark as helpful)

Chat UI & Chat Moderation

Chat Emojis

  • Allows users to insert unicode emojis into chat
  • If chat messages contains just a single emoji, increase size

Chat Improvements

Works with "No Oneboxes In Chat" and "Stack Exchange Dark Mode".

  • New responsive user list displaying usernames and total count
  • Timestamps on every message in live chat
  • Use tiny signatures and avatars only
  • Mods with diamonds in signatures
  • Message parser (smart links and link expander)
  • Minimize room description and room tags (hover to expand)
  • Topbar with live inbox notifications and chat domain switcher
  • Link to rejoin starred rooms
  • Expand starred messages in sidebar on hover and on print
  • Starred messages are now scrollable instead of having to click on "show more"
  • On mouseover user signatures or mentions, highlight occurences of same user's links and mentions on page
  • Room owner changelog in access info page
  • Add transcript and room owners links above user list
  • Print styles for live chat and transcripts (for printing to PDF with clickable links)
  • (Mobile) font size increase
  • and more...

Chat More Magic Links

  • Some magic links are not parsed in Stack Overflow Chat. This script parses and submit expanded magic links via an edit to your latest message.
  • List of additional magic links handled by this userscript:
    • [mcve]
    • [help]
    • [help/on-topic]
    • [help/dont-ask]
    • [help/behavior]
    • [meta-help]
    • [tour]
    • [chat]

Chat Pagination

  • Do not install if you have ChatImprovements as it already includes this feature
  • Adds pagination to user's recent messages page

Chat Redact Messages

  • Add "Redact + Purge + Delete" button to message history page
  • Add history link to message actions popup if not found

Chat Room Info Annotations

  • Display users' annotation count in chat room general info tab

Chat Transcript Helper

  • Replaces timestamps in chat transcripts with your local time

Create Private Mod Chatroom

  • One-click button to create private mod chatroom from user chat profile, and then grants the user write access immediately after
  • When entering this room, add view chat profile and superping buttons in message
  • Clicking on superping button will generate a superping with instructions on how to join the room (because inbox only links to room transcript, and new users may not know what to do)

No Oneboxes in Chat

  • Collapses oneboxes from live chat, chat transcripts, bookmarked conversations
  • Click to display onebox
  • Has exposed function to work together with Show Deleted Messages in Chat userscript

No Oneboxes in Chat Transcripts

  • Do not install if you have NoOneboxesInChat, as it already includes this feature
  • Collapses oneboxes from chat transcripts, bookmarked conversations (live chat untouched)
  • Click to display onebox

Show Deleted Messages in Chat

  • Show deleted messages from live chat, chat transcripts, bookmarked conversations
  • Works with No Oneboxes in Chat userscript


SOMU Options

  • Required for userscripts that allows further customization
  • See options under each userscript above for info on what is available
  • Options sidebar will appear on pages that the respective userscripts are running on

Election Supporter Flairs

  • Flair users who voted in the elections...
    • mods: when you were elected
    • users: for the latest election