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Sam Moore

Sam Moore

Digital Product Designer

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Sam is a designer, writer, and systems thinker passionate about smart technology solutions. Focused on digital products and services, he is intent on improving user experience through better process, information architecture, and interaction design. As a Principal Designer at Cantina - a Boston-based digital design and development agency - Sam brings order and aesthetics to the experience of digital tools, mobile apps, and user interfaces.

Beyond the screen, Sam is an outdoor adventurer and conservation advocate with an interest in renewable energy. He enjoys exploring our National Parks, hiking in the White Mountains, and making pure maple syrup at his family’s farm in New Hampshire.

Select articles

Practical User Research: Creating a Culture of Learning in Large Organizations (A List Apart)

When Building For the Web, Don't Forget the Front-end

The Spectrum of Digital Design Skills: A Simple Framework For Matching Project Needs With the Right Designer

Designing Simple Navigation Systems for Large Sites

How Designers Can Be Agents of Change: Excerpt from my talk at the Sustainable UX Conference

Zeplin, Sketch Measure, and InVision Inspect: Comparing Design Spec Tools for UI Development

The Forgotten Five: Common Design Omissions that Wreck UX

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