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Welcome to wiki, if you wanna run an Ethereum pool you are in a right place

Blockchain, make me rich and I care not what you can be used for. © slacknation

Also thanks for awesome chart

Best You Can Do Right Now

In order to collect some statistics I ask you all to add extradata to the blocks you are mining.

You can add it permanently to your geth startup script followed by geth restart:

geth --extradata "OpenEthereumPool/WHATEVER" [other params...]
parity --extra-data "OpenEthereumPool/WHATEVER" [other params...]

Make sure that string does not exceed 32 ASCII chars.

What is extradata?

--extradata Block extra data set by the miner (default = client version)

This is just a string you wrap in every block mined, it does not affect your efficiency or profit, but worth a lot for a project future. This makes sense only for ETH. Thanks.