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Sauce Labs rest interface scripts. Ruby version.
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SauceREST for Ruby

This is a Ruby library and some command line tools for interacting with the SauceREST API.


For the scripts to run, you need to first install:

  • net-ssh
  • net-ssh-gateway
  • rest-client

Here are some useful command line tools:


This script is used to set up tunnel machines and open the tunnel from your side. Run it with "-h" to get the parameters required. Example run:

$ ruby tunnel.rb username api-key localhost 5000:80

This will make our computers masquerade on port 80 through the tunnel you're about to open.


Lists all the available tunnels for the user account given. Example run:

$ ruby list_tunnels.rb username api-key


This is a basic library for working with the SauceREST API. If you plan to write scripts that work with SauceREST in Ruby, saucerest.rb might be a good place to start.

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