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A Git implementation in Rust
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rug, a Git implementation in Rust


This is my implementation of Jit, from James Coglan's book Building Git.


Build the rug binary and add it to your PATH:

$ cargo build
$ export PATH=/path/to/rug/target/debug:$PATH

Switch to the directory you want to track using rug:

$ mkdir /tmp/rug-test && cd /tmp/rug-test
$ mkdir -p foo/bar

$ echo "hello" > hello.txt
$ echo "world" > foo/bar/world.txt

Finally, initialize a Git repo and create a commit:

$ rug init
$ rug add .

# Currently, this waits for your input. Type in your commit message
and hit Ctrl+D
$ rug commit

You should now be able to use Git to view the commit you just created:

git show
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