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Error Handling #5

skeggse opened this Issue March 19, 2013 · 3 comments

2 participants

Eli Skeggs Sandeep Mistry
Eli Skeggs

Error handling is currently minimal or non-existent. For example, if you accidentally pass something that isn't a Number to fadeToRGB, something throws the following error:

Terminate called after throwing an instance of "jsexception"

Node shouldn't crash this wildly in this event, and the error should be catchable.

Eli Skeggs

For the purposes of typechecking/casting, what type should the on parameter to blink1.serverDown and the position parameter to the patternLine methods be?

Sandeep Mistry

The on parameter should have a type of boolean for blink1.serverDown.

The position parameter should have a type of integer and a range of 0 to 11 for patternLine

Eli Skeggs

I'm guessing the play parameter for should be a boolean.

Eli Skeggs skeggse referenced this issue from a commit March 28, 2013
Eli Skeggs Update unit-tests.js
Add unit testing as per @sandeepmistry's request, issue #5.
Sandeep Mistry sandeepmistry closed this June 29, 2013
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