A vim plugin which helps to refactor rails based projects
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Rails Refactoring Tool for Vim

This is a simple vim plugin which helps in refactoring ruby on rails code.

I have been using vim for quite sometime now and I was quite happy with rails.vim plus a few other plugins for Ruby and Rails based projects, until I tried out Redmine. Although, it hogs a lot of memory and is quite slow, it's features are quite impressive; especially the "refactor" features. And I like vim and wasn't ready to move to Redmine, so I decided to write this plugin which will help in refactoring Rails applications.

Existing Features

vnoremap <leader>riv :RenameInstanceVariable<cr>
vnoremap <leader>rv  :RenameLocalVariable<cr>
noremap  <leader>ic  :IndentFile<cr>
noremap  <leader>mf  :MoveCurrentFile<cr>
noremap  <leader>cf  :CopyCurrentFile<cr>
noremap  <leader>rc  :RenameController<cr>
vnoremap <leader>em  :ExtractMethod<cr>
noremap  <leader>iv  :InlineVariable<cr>

Any of you having a doubt here, vnoremap corresponds to mapping in the visual mode and the rest are in normal mode. You can map these to any other keys as per your needs.

Upcoming Features

  • Renaming Models
  • Move code to callbacks

and quite a few others.


Feel free to fork this project and contribute any features. Also, leave a not in issues in case you have suggestions for any features, bugs etc.


Copyright © 2012 Sandeep Ravichandran. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.