Simple script for journal writing using LaTeX
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A simple script that makes it easy to use LaTeX for journal keeping - most useful for keeping research journals!

This script is based on the original project here: - do take a look!

The name

In Greeky mythology, Calliope is the muse that presides over eloquence and epic poetry.

Epic poetry is exactly what our private research journals are ;)


  • latexmk
  • pdflatex
  • makeindex
  • biber
  • packages used in templates/research_diary.sty

On a Fedora system, this should do it:

sudo dnf install 'tex(opensans.sty)' 'tex(framed.sty)' 'tex(multirow.sty)' 'tex(wrapfig.sty)' 'tex(booktabs.sty)' 'tex(makeidx.sty)' 'tex(listings.sty)' latexmk /usr/bin/biber 'tex(biblatex.sty)' 'tex(datetime.sty)'

On a Ubuntu system, this installs all of LaTeX and the required tools:

sudo apt-get install -y texlive-full latexmk python-pygments biber

I test this out on a Fedora installation, and Travis does Ubuntu. If you test it out on other machines, please open a pull request with instructions and the sort.


usage: ./ options

Master script file that provides functions to maintain a journal using LaTeX.

-h  Show this message and quit

-t  Add new entry for today

-l  Compile latest entry

-c  Compile today's entry

-a  <year>
    Year to generate anthology of

-p  <year>
    Compile all entries in this year

-s  <entry> (yyyy-mm-dd)
    Compile specific entry

Set up

The simplest way is to clone this repository, and then change the address of the remote to your personal (possibly private) repository:

git clone my_research_diary
git remote remove origin
git remote add origin <address of new private git repository>

One can also simply fork this repository and then make their fork private. However, one will have to update the name of the repository and so on there too.

Customising the scripts/templates

Please remember to update the files in the templates/ folder and make the necessary changes there.

In entry.tex:

  • update the userName variable (line #8)
  • update the path to the bibliography file that would be used (line #11)

In research_diary.sty:

  • update the path to the bibliography file that would be used (line #35)
  • add/remove any packages as needed.

Keeping up to date

Since I'll keep updating the main calliope script and templates, the easiest way is to copy over the script from this repository from time to time, and then pick selected changes (using git add -i). With the templates, this would be the suggested way of going about it too.

Tracking this repository and merging changes would work too, but it would usually result in some conflicts because the commit trees would have diverged, and so would the template files after they've been customised.