A command line app for twitter.
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Twit-tui is a command line application for twitter. 
At current, it's a bare minimum working client that enables you to send updates, receive updates, reply and retweet.
It's under the GPLv2+ license.
You are free to distribute/edit the source as you wish.
Please suggest more improvements.This is the first ever app that I've coded. Feedback is valuable.

Ankur Sinha <sanjay DOT ankur AT gmail DOT com>

1 - Tweet window
2 - Direct messages received
3 - Direct messages sent


u - updates tweets, direct messages
r - reply
t - retweet
s - send update/direct message depending on what window you are in
Q - quit
D - delete tweet/direct message
up and down arrows to scroll the tweet page

** Conf file **
Create a file "twit_tui.conf" in the user's home directory

- - AUTOLOGIN - - 

username = USERNAME
password = PASSWORD
proxy = PROXY
proxy_port = PROXYPORT
proxy_username = PROXY_USERNAME
proxy_password = PROXY_PASSWORD

** please remember the <space>. Else it won't parse correctly.

Please remember that your password will be saved as plain text. Only give read permissions to the user.

If the app crashes, running it again will only clear the db (not give you and interface). You'll have to run it once more to make it work.

** TO Install ** 

su -c 'make install'

** test it **

$ make  test

Run it from the current directory (advised since its at a very raw stage currently)
You can run it within gdb too and inform me of the places it crashes :)