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AWS ES/Kibana Proxy

AWS ElasticSearch/Kibana Proxy to access your AWS ES cluster.

This is the solution for accessing your cluster if you have configured access policies for your ES domain


Install the npm module

npm install -g aws-es-kibana

Set AWS credentials


Run the proxy (do not include the http or https from your cluster-endpoint or the proxy won't function)

aws-es-kibana <cluster-endpoint>

Where cluster-endpoint can be either a URL (i.e. or a hostname (i.e. Alternatively, you can set the AWS_PROFILE environment variable

AWS_PROFILE=myprofile aws-es-kibana <cluster-endpoint>

Example with hostname as cluster-endpoint:


Run within docker container

If you are familiar with Docker, you can run aws-es-kibana within a Docker container

You can pull the official container for use

docker pull santthosh/aws-es-kibana:latest

(or) Build the image

docker build -t aws-es-kibana .

Run the container (do not forget to pass the required environment variables)

docker run -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY -p aws-es-kibana -b <cluster-endpoint>


Adopted from this gist. Thanks @nakedible-p