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Customisable dropdown select for react

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  • configurable via props
  • total custom components overrides for all internals via render prop callbacks (with access to internal props, state and methods)
  • stylable via css (or custom components)
  • portal support for rendering dropdown outside local DOM tree. e.g. in document.body
  • auto position
  • small bundle size


npm install --save react-dropdown-select

Web site

Web site, docs and demo


react-select is very nice, but sometimes project requirements are beyond it's abilities



import Select from "react-dropdown-select";

and use as:

const options = [
    value: 1,
    label: 'Leanne Graham'
    value: 2,
    label: 'Ervin Howell'

<Select options={options} onChange={(values) => this.setValues(values)} />;

If your options don't have value and label fields, include labelField and valueField in the props:

const options = [
    id: 1,
    name: 'Leanne Graham'
    id: 2,
    name: 'Ervin Howell'

  onChange={(values) => this.setValues(values)}

options and onChange are the minimum required props

Help and Contributions

How to help/contribute

  • fix issues, pull request are very welcome
  • write, improve docs
  • write tests (we use jest)
  • suggest features and improvements


Edit react-dropdown-select


Component props

Prop Type Default Description
values array [] Selected values
options array [] Available options, (option with key disabled: true will be disabled)
keepOpen bool false If true, dropdown will always stay open (good for debugging)
defaultMenuIsOpen bool false If true, dropdown will be open by default
autoFocus bool false If true, and searchable, dropdown will auto focus
clearOnBlur bool true If true, and searchable, search value will be cleared on blur
clearOnSelect bool true If true, and searchable, search value will be cleared upon value select/de-select
name string null If set, input type hidden would be added in the component with the value of the name prop as name and select's values as value
required bool false If set, input type hidden would be added in the component with required prop as true/false
pattern string null If set, input type hidden would be added in the component with pattern prop as regex
dropdownGap number 5 Gap between select element and dropdown
multi bool false If true - will act as multi-select, if false - only one option will be selected at the time
placeholder string "Select..." Placeholder shown where there are no selected values
addPlaceholder string "" Secondary placeholder on search field if any value selected
disabled bool false Disable select and all interactions
style object {} Style object to pass to select
className string CSS class attribute to pass to select
loading bool false Loading indicator
clearable bool false Clear all indicator
searchable bool true If true, select will have search input text
separator bool false Separator line between close all and dropdown handle
dropdownHandle bool true Dropdown handle to open/close dropdown
dropdownHeight string "300px" Minimum height of a dropdown
direction string "ltr" direction of a dropdown "ltr", "rtl" or "auto"
searchBy string label Search by object property in values
sortBy string null Sort by object property in values
labelField string "label" Field in data to use for label
valueField string "value" Field in data to use for value
color string "#0074D9" Base color to use in component, also can be overwritten via CSS
closeOnScroll bool false If true, scrolling the page will close the dropdown
closeOnSelect bool false If true, selecting option will close the dropdown
closeOnClickInput bool false If true, clicking input will close the dropdown if you are not searching.
dropdownPosition string "bottom" Available options are "auto", "top" and "bottom" defaults to "bottom". Auto will adjust itself according Select's position on the page
keepSelectedInList bool true If false, selected item will not appear in a list
portal DOM element false If valid dom element specified - dropdown will break out to render inside the specified element
create bool false If true, select will create value from search string and fire onCreateNew callback prop
backspaceDelete bool true If true, backspace key will delete last value
createNewLabel string "add {search}" If create set to true, this will be the label of the "add new" component. {search} will be replaced by search value
disabledLabel string "disabled" Label shown on disabled field (after) the text
selectAll bool false Allow to select all
selectAllLabel string "Select all" Label for "Select all"
clearAllLabel string "Clear all" Label for "Clear all"
additionalProps object null Additional props to pass to Select

Callback props

by using renderer props to override components some of the functionality will have to be handled manually with a help of internal props, states and methods exposed

Prop Type Default Description
onChange func On values change callback, returns array of values objects
onDropdownClose func Fires upon dropdown close
onDropdownOpen func Fires upon dropdown open
onCreateNew func Fires upon creation of new item if create prop set to true
onClearAll func Fires upon clearing all values (via custom renderers)
onSelectAll func Fires upon selecting all values (via custom renderers)
onDropdownCloseRequest func undefined Fires upon dropdown closing state, stops the closing and provides own method close()
contentRenderer func Overrides internal content component (the contents of the select component)
itemRenderer func Overrides internal item in a dropdown
noDataRenderer func Overrides internal "no data" (shown where search has no results)
optionRenderer func Overrides internal option (the pillow with an "x") on the select content
inputRenderer func Overrides internal input text
loadingRenderer func Overrides internal loading
clearRenderer func Overrides internal clear button
separatorRenderer func Overrides internal separator
dropdownRenderer func Overrides internal dropdown component
dropdownHandleRenderer func Overrides internal dropdown handle
searchFn func undefined Overrides internal search function
handleKeyDownFn func undefined Overrides internal keyDown function