Projects using Ink

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This page list all the projects that we know of that are using Ink in some form.


k(Ink) takes some of the functionality of the full fledged ink.js and creates a set of chainable methods and aliases, allowing for easy usage, fast implementation and code readability. This fan made library comes in a small <10kb minified file that works with the most recent Ink (v2) package.


ng-ink provides a declarative means to use the InK Framework's components, in a fashion which fits in nicely with the AngularJS environment. It is not a UI library, but rather a wrapper for the behavioral components of InK.

##Flask + Sapo Ink

Bootstrap your Flask web app, by quickly and easily integrating SAPO Ink. It includes all the base CSS/Javascript required for you to start developing slick, elegant and responsive websites.


A quick'n'dirty development environment for Sapo's Ink / Ink.js projects.


A generator for Yeoman for projects using the awesome Ink framework


Ink version 3.x.x for Rails asset pipeline (Rails >= 3.1).


A reference example using the ink3-rails gem in a basic crud app. Visit the live app


A true async lazy loader made by a lazy coder.

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