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SAS Powerschool Enhancement Suite

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SAS PES is an extension using the WebExtension standard for use by Singapore American School students only. The extension provides various enhancements when using Powerschool at SAS.

Regardless of what the extension calculates, teachers are able to override the final grade. DO NOT RELY ON THE DATA FROM THIS EXTENSION


Main Page

  • View final percent for each course
  • View semester GPA for both S1 and S2
  • Recalculate semester GPA with custom hypothetical grades.
  • Calculate cumulative GPA

Class Page

  • View final percent and cutoffs for grades
  • Recalculate final percent and grade with an extra assignment

Extra Features

  • View grades and final percents for courses even when Powerschool is closed.

Browser Support

Officially Supported

  • Firefox
  • Chromium

Please be aware that the extension is mainly designed for use in Firefox.

Unofficial Support

People have gotten the extension to work on the following browsers

  • Opera
  • Vivaldi


Download for Chromium can be found on chrome web store and for Firefox, please check releases.


3rd Party Libraries

Refer to the libraries.txt.


Copyright © 2020 The SAS PES Authors
Copyright © 2018-2020 Gary Kim <>

Source code licensed under AGPL-3.0-only

The logo and name are not licensed for use, modification, or distribution.