@xzyfer xzyfer released this Jun 9, 2015 · 1398 commits to master since this release

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I'm on holidays so progress has been slow. This releases lands some small bug fixes we've had on master for a while that I wanted to get live before I came home.


  • Fix segmentation fault in min and max functions (@richo, #1266)
  • Fix erroneous duplicate key errors (@xzyfer, #1254)
  • Fix the shortest colour code not always being used in compressed more (@xzyfer, #1251)
  • Fix quoted strings incorrectly failing equality checks (@xzyfer, #1247)
  • Fix unmergable media queries being merged poorly (@xzyfer, #1224)
  • Fix incorrect error when parsing optional ; in top level directives (@xzyfer, #1243)
  • Fix colour rounding to match Ruby Sass 3.4.14 (@xzyfer, #1239)
  • Fix incorrect quoting in media query expressions (@xzyfer, #1218)
  • Fix a parsing regression with some @at-rules (@xzyfer, #1214)
  • Fix division operations sometimes being ignored in interpolants (@xzyfer, 1206)
  • Fix parsing error with comments (@xzyfer, #1208)



A big thanks to everyone who made this release possible. Honorable mentions to @AlbertoElias, @callumacrae, @cvrebert, @ericam, @mzgol, @tristanlins, @richo, and @xzyfer.