A Python interface module to the SAS System. It works with Linux, Windows, and mainframe SAS. It supports the sas_kernel project (a Jupyter Notebook kernel for SAS) or can be used on its own.
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A Python interface to MVA SAS

This module allows a python process to connect to SAS 9.4 and run SAS code, generated by the supplied object and methods or explicitly user written, and returns results as text, HTML5 documents (via SAS ODS), or as Pandas Data Frames. It supports running analytics and returning the resulting graphics and result data. It can convert between SAS Data Sets and Pandas Data Frames. It has multiple access methods which allow it to connect to local or remote Linux SAS, IOM SAS on Windows or Linux (Including Grid Manager), and local PC SAS. It can run w/in Jupyter Notebooks, in line mode python or in python batch scripts. It is expected that the user community can and will contribute enhancements.


This module requires Python3.x or above. It also requires SAS 9.4 or above.


All of the doc, including install and configuration information can be found at sassoftware.github.io/saspy.

Also, example Notebooks and use cases can be found at sassoftware/saspy-examples.


This module can be installed via pip. This will pull down the latest PyPI package and install it.

pip install saspy

However, if that's too easy, you can also download a specific release from SASpy project releases page, or just clone the repo and and instll from that. To install a given release, use the following, where the X.X.X is the release version you want.

pip install https://github.com/sassoftware/saspy/releases/download/vX.X.X/saspy.tar.gz




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