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Awesome GCP Certifications Awesome


Common Resources

These references are useful across all certifications.

Published Title/Link Author
2022/11 FAQs on Google Cloud (GCP) Certifications Sathish VJ
2021/11 End to End Process of Booking/scheduling your Google Cloud exam to Sharing your result Ramesh Rajini
2020/09 Passing and Failing GCP Certification Exams Bernd Nordhausen
2020/03 Getting all the 10/10 GCP certificates – how do I start? Part 1/X Konrad Clapa
2020/02 AwesomeGCP Channel Sathish VJ
Architecture Center Google Cloud
TechDevGuide - Cloud Computing Google
GCP Certification GCP Docs
FAQs - GCP Certification Frequently Asked Questions
Solve With Google Cloud - Tutorials GCP Docs
Google Cloud Solutions GCP Docs
Google Cloud Products and Solutions in 4 words Greg Wilson
GCP Building Blocks - A Glossary of GCP Terms
FREE codes for Qwiklabs Sathish VJ
FAQs on GCP Certification Exams Sathish VJ
Grace's Flowcharts Grace
GCP Essentials - Staying in Touch Alexis MP
Google Cloud on Medium
Community Tutorials
Google Cloud Training - Classroom Schedule various trainers
Google Cloud Training - Course Listing and Contents QwikLabs
Google Cloud Whitepapers Google
GCP Blog Google
GCP Data Analytics Blog Google
2019/01 On Passing All Google Cloud Certifications Sathish VJ
2018/10 Google Cloud - Jumpstart, Tutorials & Community! David das Neves
Pluralsight courses on GCP Google Cloud
Coursera courses on GCP Google Cloud
Cloud Minute - 1 minute videos Google Cloud
github GCP code repo Google Cloud
GCP Certification training Intellipaat

Miscellaneous References

Published Title/Link Author
Official Icons and Sample Diagrams Google Cloud
Weekly Newsletter Zdenko Hrček
Forum for certified people (invite only)
Google Cloud Certified Credential Holder Directory (voluntary list)
Directory of Google Developer Experts (GDE) for Cloud
2019/04 Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer Sathish VJ

Best Practices

Title Link
AI Hub Data Preprocesing
Anthos Fleet Requirements
Anthos Migration Planning
Apigee APIs
Audit Logs
Audit Logs
AutoML Creating Training Data
AutoML Video Intelligence Object Tracking
BigQuery Cost Optimization
BigQuery Materialized Views
BigQuery Optimizing Query Performance
BigQuery Optimizing Storage
Build Speeding Up
Building Containers
Cloud Functions
Cloud Router
Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
Cloud SQL
Compute Engine Region Selection
Content Delivery
Data Governance
Deployment Manager Type Provider
Deployment Manager
Deployment Manager
Floating IP Addresses
For Enterprise Organizaations
GSuite Sharing Documents
Google Maps
IAM and Billing
Identity - Password Management
Identity Aware Proxy
Identity Federation
Jupyter Notebooks
Kubernetes - enterprise multitenancy
Kubernetes - scalable clusters
Kubernetes - upgrading clusters
Kubernetes - building containers
Kubernetes - operating containers
Kubernetes - running cost-optimized applications on GKE
Management Tools Client Libraries
Machine Learning - Performance and Cost Optimization
Machine Learning - Rules of ML
Media Translation
Media Translation
Memorystore for Redis Performance Tuning
Memorystore for Redis
Microservice Performance
Migrating VMs
Moving VMs
MySQL Importing and Exporting Data
Operating Containers
Optimizing Costs
Planning Accounts and Organizations
Preemptible VM Instances
Running Active Directory
SQL Server Instances
Secure IAM
Service Accounts
Spanner Bulk Loading
Spanner Data Manipulation Language
Spanner SQL
Spanner Schema Design
Speech API
Speech to Text
Storage - privacy and security
Storage - Request Rates
Super Administrator Account
Tightly Coupled HPC Apps
User Account, Authentication and Password Management
VPC design
VPC Service Controls for enterprises
Working with Cloud Support


  • Please contribute to making this list really awesome, exhaustive, and up to date.
  • Contributing to this list is easy: a pull request in this repo or you can also send me the info on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Please provide details as required by that section. Links, author names, date published, which certification(s) does it apply to, etc.
  • For book links, preferably send a search link with the book and author name. (Why? Using an link assumes that all readers are in one country and using one book seller.)

Maintaining Exam Integrity

  • Google takes the privacy of the exams very seriously.
  • If and when you write notes, do not reveal details about the exam.
    • What questions were asked?
    • How many questions on each topic?
    • Anything that compromises the integrity of the exam.
  • When one of my blog posts leaked some exam info, I was contacted by the Google Certifications Team.
  • If you find any posts that I've listed which might be a concern, please let me and also the original authors know.