🌞 Stellar wallet. Secure and user-friendly.
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Solar Wallet (Beta)

User-friendly Stellar wallet app, featuring multi-signature, custom assets management and more.

Runs on Mac OS, Windows & Linux. Mobile app coming soon.


See https://github.com/satoshipay/solar/releases. You will find the binaries there.

Key security

Keys are encrypted with a key derived from the user's password before storing them on the local filesystem. That means that the user's secret key is safe as long as their password is strong enough. However, if they forget their password there will be no way of recovering the secret key. That's why you should always make a backup of your secret key.

The encryption key is derived from the password using PBKDF2 with SHA256. The actual encryption is performed using xsalsa20-poly1305.


Install the dependencies first:

npm install

To run the app in development mode:

npm run dev

# On Mac OS:
PLATFORM=darwin npm run dev

To run the tests:

npm test

To run the storybook:

npm run storybook

Production build

npm run build:mac
npm run build:win
npm run build:linux

Run dev server without electron

cd web/
npm run dev


GPL v3