download mangareader and make epub
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To be able to download aside from mangafox

Mangareader to ebooks support epub and pdf format.


  • python 2.7
  • Python Image Library if using --resize


Download Images from


Example :

$python Bleach


$python ./

Make epub

$python <dir>

Default image format is jpg. Use --ext to specify another

Example :

$python Bleach_482


$python Bleach_482 --ext png

You will get epub file in output folder

You can provide multiple folders :

$python Bleach_480 Bleach_481 Bleach_482

or even (linux only) :

$python Bleach/*/

Bleach/ being the folder containing chapter folders

You can resize images to fit your e-reader resolution with --resize width height

Example for a kobo touch:

$python Bleach_482 --resize 600 800

Use this to get best quality when your e-reader has lower resolution than original image's Only available with jpg image format

Make PDF

$python <dir> <image format>

Example :

$python Bleach_482 jpg