🔥 A bot that retweets in the style of Supa Hot Fire: I am that.
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Sweet dolla tea from McDonald's: I drink that

Supa hot 🔥 fire 🔥: I spit that

Two and a Half Men: I watch that

How it works

supajank gets a stream of tweets containing 'I' or 'we' via Twitter's streaming API. supabotfire looks for tweets in the format of personal pronoun followed by a verb. When it gets a hit, it restructures the sentence and tweets it back at the tweeter. Then it chills out for up to an hour.


Requires NLTK and tweepy. To install:

pip2 install -r requirements.txt

Also requires the maxent_treebank_pos_tagger and punkt packages for NLTK. To install, run the following in the python2 interpreter:

import nltk

Should be self-explanatory from here.

Glasses, jacket, shirt

Call me glasses jacket shirt man

Or call me supa hot, boy

💯 degrees, leather jacket, cuz I'm supa hot, BOIIIIIIII


Twitter API keys are stored in a file called supabotfire.ini which should look something like:

consumer.key = ukey
consumer.secret = usecret
access.key = utoken
access.secret = usecret

Get API keys here

Boom, bam, bop

Badda bop boom POW 💥