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Tim Saunders Resumé

Updated January 2022


Enthusiastic and friendly senior software engineer with backend-lean and 6 years experience. Enjoys making data useful, code review, type safety, neat APIs and keeping skills current, opinionated on code quality.


Area Skills
Web Technologies Typescript, React, Redux, Vue, HTML/JSX, Tailwind, CSS, SASS
Testing Jest, React Testing Library, Storybook, supertest
Server Node.js, Nginx
Database PostgreSQL, Prisma, Firebase, Supabase, Knex/Bookshelf (ORM), Sqitch, MySQL, MongoDB, Mongoose
Tools Git/Github, Docker/Compose, CircleCI/Github Actions, Webpack, Yarn/NPM, Datadog, VSCode, Linear, Slack
OS MacOS, Windows, WSL, Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu), Android
Processes Agile Scrum, pair programming, team workshops, internal tech support

Github Stack Overflow LinkedIn Twitter

Open Source


CLI tool with ~250k+ downloads/month on npm to find unused code in typescript projects. Added a small feature to allow specfifying a pattern to exclude files from counting toward code use, for instance .test.ts - so that functions that were tested but not used anywhere else in the codebase could still be identified and removed.



A CLI tool written in typescript to get crypto asset prices.

Employment History

Software Engineer, Auth0 (Part of Okta)

Bristol, UK [Remote] (January 2023 - Present)

  • Working on the Organizations feature of the Auth0 Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) product.

Senior Software Engineer, Loopin

Bristol, UK (January 2021 - December 2022)

  • Company’s second developer hire a few months after it began, leading on backend.

  • Undertook project to move from document database (Firebase) to a relational database (Postgres & Prisma).

  • Standardised an approach to building APIs with authentication, validation and returning consistent types.

  • Wrote most of our Slack chat bot integration using the Slack/Bolt package. Improved the speed of message flow responses by over 10x. Worked on getting the app published on the slack store.

  • Worked with CTO & founders to build out the dev team, interviewing applicants and assessing technical tasks.

  • Writing documentation for new developers, non-technical staff and customers. Mentoring junior developers.

  • SRE - set up datadog logging and made time to fix bugs that came up. Reduced production API errors by nearly 50x.

  • Stack & Tools include: Node, Typescript, Postgres, Prisma, Supabase, Express, Slack API, React, Tailwind, Next, Vercel, GCP, Docker, Git/GitHub + actions, Jest, Firebase, MacOS, VSCode, Slack

Software Engineer, TravelLocal

Bristol, UK (January 2019 - September 2020)

  • Being a subject matter expert on databases, helping colleagues writing efficient queries, building a team wiki of over 100 useful queries to interrogate our data, being a go to source for ad hoc data requests outside of the team, delivering workshops on SQL and postgres.

  • Took joint responsibility for the full lifecycle of delivering a major new feature: ready-made message snippets for our vendors to include in messages to customers. After discussing requirements with the team which requested the feature, we designed several paper prototypes, and then built an MVP under a feature flag. After positive feedback from a subset of vendors, we released the feature and analytics shows that upsage has been high and considerable time has been saved.

  • Working with marketing team to integrate our platform into the Hubspot customer communication platform, triggering emails via their API, syncing customer details from our platform to thiers, back-populating historic data

  • Contributing to setting goals (OKRs), sprint planning, retrospectives, reviews and backlog refinement as part of a diverse agile scrum team. Using Github Issues and PRs in Zenhub to manage stories in the sprint. Thoughtfully reviewing colleague's PRs.

  • Ensuring that I continue to learn by pair programming on complex or unfamiliar tasks, spending time understanding feedback on my PRs, attending community events like BristolJS, working on side projects, completing video and online courses, team workshops and reading several programming subreddits.

  • Stack & Tools include: Node, TypeScript, React, Postgres, Bookshelf, Knex, Sqitch, Git/GitHub, Jest, CircleCI, Windows/WSL, AWS, Terraform, Docker

Web Developer, Carmen Data

Bristol, UK (3 years 6 months, July 2015 - December 2018)

  • Designed and built a tool for making large datasets usable on client sites with functionality such as filtering, sorting, pagination and field customisation available out of the box, easily configured for use in different circumstances using back end tools - for example as traditional data table on a Ford site and as a grid on a Fiat site. The majority of our sites now use this component. Javascript / AJAX frontend with Coldfusion / MySQL backend.

  • Writing modular and reusable code, generalising where practical to contribute to libraries used by the whole team.

  • Data management - determining optimal structure for simple and efficient data usage, building and sharing queries internally to interrogate complex data and test and improve data quality. Node scripts for internal data processing.

  • DevOps - acting as a second to the CTO on infrastructure issues. SSL Certificates, database and server performance and error log monitoring, troubleshooting issues with Rackspace, automating admin tasks with shell scripts, cron jobs and git hooks.

  • Communication - Working with multinational corporations and smaller agencies from requirements gathering and planning large projects, through to user acceptance testing and responding to feedback and changing requirements. Internal knowledge sharing through team talks, writing documentation, wiki articles and pair programming.

  • Stack & Tools include: Javascript, jQuery, Angular, Vue, HTML, CSS, SASS, Node, MySQL, Apache, Coldfusion, Gulp, Selenium, Browserstack, Git, Linux (CentOS), Bash, PuTTY, Samba, Windows, Virtual Box, Sublime Text, Trello, Slack and a fair amount of Giphy and Spotify.

Employment History Continuted...

Student Information Officer, University of Bristol

Bristol, UK (1 year 3 months, May 2014 - July 2015)

  • Managed tuition fee income budget worth £250m/3yrs. Built complex queries in Access (SQL) and reports in Excel. Detailed reconciliation of actuals against budget. Owned budgeting process and contributed key improvements which lead to the final budget being more accurate and timely than had previously been achieved.

  • Data interrogation, internal and external reporting: produced data for key institutional processes such as exam boards, press enquiries and Government statistical analysis.

Student Data Officer, University of York

York, UK (1 year 4 months, June 2012 - May 2014)

  • Reconciliation of student loan book of £60m with Government finance agencies. Writing queries to identify issues and scripts in student database system to automate processing of student status changes.

  • Developing data quality reports in SAP Business Objects (SQL) to improve reporting accuracy. Preparation of student demographics and population data for Government statutory reporting requirements.

Accommodation Assistant, University of York

York, UK (1 year 2 months, Jan 2011 - June 2012)

  • Developed a Google Apps script (Javascript) based system between Forms, Sheets and Gmail, for managing student accommodation room transfers. Reporting from two large RDBMSs.

Administrator, Team Leader, Tribal Group

York, UK (1 year 6 months, June 2010 - December 2011)

  • Managed a team of six, responsible for distance learning courses at three colleges with 4000 learners (£1m revenue)
  • Wrote work prioritisation scripts in Excel/VBA which saw profitability improve dramatically
  • Improved reporting to provide more appropriate MI and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements


2010 BSc Economics and Finance, University of York, UK


  • Travel Photography - 35ish countries in the last few years
  • Running - half marathon pb 1:41
  • Bass guitar


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