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CSV2CMI is a little program to transform a table of letters (given as .csv) into the CMI format. The CMI format is the underlying data format for the web service correspSearch which facilitates searching across diverse distributed letter repositories.

It is mainly intended for printed (print only) editions and catalogues of letters.


You have to name your columns as follows:

  • name of the sender: "sender"
  • name of the addressee: "addressee"
  • IDs of the named person or organization: "senderID" and "addresseeID" (this is essential for correspSearch)
  • the date, when the letter has been sent: "senderDate"

You may provide additional information:

  • where a letter has been sent: "senderPlace" (with the appropriate "senderPlaceID" as proper GeoNames URL)
  • where a letter has been received: "addresseePlace" (with the appropriate "addresseePlaceID" as proper GeoNames URL)
  • when a letter has been received: "addresseeDate"

Furthermore an "edition" column for a bibliographic record, a "key" column for the corresponding number of the edited letter, and even a "note" column can be added.

Various senders or addressees of a letter have to be written in the same cell with a separator that is specified with the "--extra-delimiter"-option (IDs have to follow the same order respectively).

Dates have to be entered in ISO format. Support for EDTF is implemented to parse uncertain / approximate dates, intervals and sets.

For providing essential CMI information like the editor's name or the publisher an INI file is needed.

Check, that your table is using UTF8-encoding!

For options and further information check the wiki.


This program is available under The MIT License (MIT)

If you use this software, please cite it!