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Control TortoiseSVN from within Visual Studio
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Control TortoiseSVN from within Visual Studio

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Getting started

  1. Install TortoiseSVN with "command line client tools"
  2. Install the TSVN extension
  3. Enjoy!


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Github Releases

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All the SVN functions quickly accessible from the TSVN menu:

Main Menu

When working on a single file you can find all SVN functions related to that file in the context menu:

Context Menu

A customizable toolbar with all your favorite commands:


A pending changes window with the most important commands:

Pending Changes

Keyboard shortcuts

  • (S)VN (C)ommit - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, C
  • (S)VN Sho(w) Changes - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, W
  • (S)VN (U)pdate - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, U
  • (S)VN (L)og - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, L
  • (S)VN Create P(a)tch - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, A
  • (S)VN Apply Patc(h) - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, H
  • (S)VN (S)witch - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, S
  • (S)VN (M)erge - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, M
  • (S)VN (R)evert - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, R
  • (S)VN Clea(n)up - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, N
  • (S)VN File (B)lame - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, B
  • (S)VN File (D)iff - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, D
  • (S)VN Sh(e)lve - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, E
  • (S)VN Unshelve - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, P
  • (S)VN L(o)ck - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, O
  • (S)VN Unloc(k) - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S, K

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