MongoDB viewer and editor written in Node
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A clean MongoDB viewer and basic editor written in Node. Just clone or download mongoclikker, run npm install and fire up mongoclikker with

[sudo] node app.js

Open http://HOSTNAME:2002/view/DATABASE in your web browser and you are good to go…



Per default mongoclikker is protected with a basic HTTP authentication, you should change the default password set in app.js:

app.js:4 protectWith('mongo', 'clikker')

Edit Mode

mongoclikker supports simple inline edit for basic document properties.


See app.js for setting a default database and mongodb connection. Default settings should work fine for getting connected to your local mongodb server. mongoclikker is protected with a simple HTTP access control, read and write access cannot be done without propper authentication.

        .forDatabase('mongoclikker') */
        .protectWith('mongo', 'clikker') /* Password for HTTP Authorization */

Database Design

mongoclikker works best with documents having an _id and a name property, included sub documents in arrays or properties should be designed the same way. Of course mongoclikker works fine for collections and databases with different designs!