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Publish from Bear to WordPress on iOS

Version 1.7 - 2018-01-23

This workflow publishes notes from Bear to WordPress with images, tags, and feature image.

It works well with both and (self hosted WordPress) sites.

Install Workflow: Bear note to WordPress – iOS

Part of: Bear Power Pack

Table of Contents

made with: Bear TOC

  1. Features
  2. How to publish to WP with this workflow
  3. Geeky Workarounds
  4. Issues with media upload url returned from WP
    1. replacement strings
    2. replacement strings
    3. Extra <br /> in quotes
  5. Debuging
  6. Regular Expressions in workflow
    1. Extracting WP tags
    2. Cleaning up


  • For both and sites
  • Write in Bear on Mac, iPone or iPad, publish from iOS only.
  • Uploads all inline photos to WP as media and updates image links accordingly.
  • An image on very first line below title, will be used as feature image.
    (To make photo a regular top image, just insert a blank line above it.)
  • Prompts for excerpt to be typed, pasted or skipped.
  • Text in Bear notes enclosed in double curly brackets, like this: {{my text as excerpt}}, will appear as default in excerpt text input (brackets are then removed from post by workflow)
  • Tags are now posted: Use tags in Bear preceded with #wp/ like this: #wp/Dogs or #wp/Goats and Horses#.
    #wp/ has to be in lower case!
    (#wp/ and all other tags from bear are stripped off published text).
    Settings in Bear: Keep tags during export must be on for this feature to work.
  • NOTE! When tags are stripped off, it could also mess up code with # inside code blocks! So if you are publishing code, you may need to change or remove the "cleanup" RegEx action from workflow!
  • WordPress <!--more--> tag works even if typed wrongly as <!—more—> due to autocorrect (mdash — instead of --).

How to publish to WP with this workflow

  1. Select and copy a paragraph you want as excerpt.
  2. Slide left on Note in note list and tap More … button
  3. Chose Export note …
  4. Chose Text Bundle
  5. Tap Run Workflow
  6. Tap Bear note to WordPress
  7. Confirm or change excerpt (from point 1.)
  8. Chose Published or Draft
  9. Chose to open the published post in browser or open WP app.

Geeky Workarounds

Note! If you are not a geek, you may stop reading now, unless you want to get a headache;)
Everything you need to know is written above

Had to make a few workarounds to get this to work properly:

  1. Stripped textbundle extension & save to iCloud drive to “extract” package as folder.
  2. Replace %20 with space in image names from camera.
  3. Image files are renamed with unique timestamp (to avoid name conflict and strange/buggy version numbered url returns from WP)
  4. Used Replace Text to fix buggy media urls returned from WP (see below).

Issues with media upload url returned from WP

There is a bug in returning urls from WorkFlow’s WP action when uploading Media, so Replace Text actions has to be used to fix it.
(V. 1.3 of this workflow now also works with (self hosted WordPress) site.) replacement strings

Find Text:
Replace with:{MediaDatePath}

{MediaDatePath} is in the format yyyy/MM/
Example of replace string:
(year/month/ path to media file uploads)

Find Text: -jpeg/$
Replace with: .jpeg
RegEx switch to ON replacement strings

Find Text: (bear-image.*?)-jpeg/$
Replace with: wp-content/uploads/{MediaDatePath}$1.jpeg
RegEx switch to ON

Extra <br /> in quotes

The Make HTML from Rich Text action inserts two <br /> if linebreakrs are there in a quote. Replaced these to single <br /> , but this may have side effects for other users, so remove or change this as needed:


For debugging, place a Quick Look action after the Text action to see what’s needs to be change. And check against result in html edit mode on blog site. Tip: insert a photo in WP editor and see how the image url is supposed to be.

Regular Expressions in workflow

Used to extract tags to WordPress and to strip off all tags from text before publish.

Extracting WP tags

Matching #wp/tags while avoiding #spaced tags#

\#wp\/([\w/-]+)[ \n]?(?!([/ \w]+\w[#]))

Add matches of #wp/spaced tags#

\#wp\/([\w/ ]+?)\#[ \n]

Cleaning up

Stripping all tags, including #pesky space tags# making sure no heading tags are stripped. If # is used in code blocks, it may be messed up by this.

(?<![\S])\#[^#/\d \n][\S]*[ \n]?(?!([/ \w]+\w[#]))|(?<![\S])\#[^#/\d \n][\S ]*?\#[ \n]?

Big thanks to Regex101, without this tool, my head would have exploded.

#wp/bears #wp# #wp/dogs #wp/horses and cows# #wp/horses and goats# #Bear
Oops! Not published with this workflow ;)

Written with 🐻 on iOS and Mac


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