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How come my project is not indexed ?

Supported Repositories

We currently only support Bintray and Maven Central partially via JCenter. JCenter will be able to find artifacts on Maven Central that was previously resolved for a developper (think repository proxy). You can try to resolve your project artifacts via the JCenter repository. For example with sbt:

resolvers := Resolver.jcenterRepo
libraryDependencies += "com.example" %% "foo" % "1.2.3"

Invalid poms

See https://github.com/sbt/sbt/issues/2566

Missing scmInfo / Not on Github

We group projects by github url (organization/repository). We find this information in the scm tag. Create a PR against claims.json to associate releases with projects in case you published without a scm tag.

How to include a scaladex badge in my project’s README?

Example: Latest version

Include the following in your README.md:

[![Latest version](https://index.scala-lang.org/<organization>/<repository>/<artifact>/latest.svg)](https://index.scala-lang.org/<organization>/<repository>/<artifact>)

And replace:

  • <organization> by the GitHub organization hosting the project (e.g. “scalacenter”),
  • <repository> by the GitHub repository hosting the project (e.g. “scalafix”),
  • <artifact> by the Maven artifact name (e.g. “scalafix-core”)