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Simple example of a ScalaFX application
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Simple example of a ScalaFX application using Simple-Build-Tool (SBT).


  • src/main/scala/hello/ScalaFXHelloWorld.scala - sample ScalaFX application.
  • build.sbt - the main SBT configuration file.
  • project/ - version of SBT to use.
  • project/plugins.sbt - plugins used for creation of IDEA and Eclipse projects.

How to build and Run

  1. Install Java 11 JDK. This project should also work with Java 10. If you are want to use Java 8 look at the SFX-8 branch of this project.

  2. Install SBT

  3. Run the example: change to directory containing this example and use SBT to build and run the example:

     %> sbt run

    It will download needed dependencies, including Scala and ScalaFX, and run the example code.

Import into IDEA or NetBeans

IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans with Scala plugins can directly import SBT projects.

Create project for Eclipse

If you want to create project that can be used with Eclipse, inside this project directory, at command prompt type:

%> sbt eclipse

Additional Information

Detailed description of similar example can be found in the blog post "Getting Started with ScalaFX: Compile and Run".

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