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Mud Telopt Handler
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MTH (Mud Telopt Handler) is a telnet handler which supports the following TELNET options.

CHARSET - Reports the character sets supported by the client. ECHO - Allows toggling local echo. EOR - Allows prompt marking. GMCP - Allows MSDP event handling with JSON syntax. MCCP2 - Allows server side compression. MCCP3 - Allows client side compression. MSDP - Allows structured data exchange and event handling. MSSP - Reports various features supported by the server. MTTS - Reports various features supported by the client. NAWS - Reports the client's window size. NEW_ENVIRON - Reports various system variables. TTYPE - Reports the client's terminal type.

MTH has a permissive license, just leave the copyright notice in the original sources, otherwise you can do as you please with it.

MTH will run stand alone and by default opens a connection on port 4321 to which a telnet / mud client can connect. This is primarily there so you can test the code and provide you with an example implementation.

Client side MCCP3 support is currently only supported by TinTin++.

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