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jaw111 commented Jan 7, 2015

In relation to #217 it would seem from the current hierarchy that schema:DataType is the super-class of schema:Boolean, schema:Date, etc.

This would infer that any literal value is a schema:DataType, which seems illogical.

It would seem more logical that:

  • the existing datatype classes have type schema:DataType rather than be a sub-class of it
  • a top-level class schema:Literal class is introduced (analogous to rdfs:Literal) of which all the existing data types are a sub-class

The result should be something like:

schema:DataType a rdfs:Class ;
  rdfs:subClassOf schema:Class .

schema:Literal a schema:DataType .

schema:Boolean a schema:DataType ;
  rdfs:subClassOf schema:Literal .

schema:Date a schema:DataType ;
  rdfs:subClassOf schema:Literal .
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danbri commented Jan 21, 2015

@rvguha can you take a look?

@danbri danbri added this to the sdo-gozer release milestone Jan 21, 2015
@danbri danbri referenced this issue Apr 9, 2015

Meta bug for sdo-gozer release - vocab issues #418

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rvguha commented Apr 17, 2015

Yes, jaw111 is absolutely right. This does mean that DataType is a class of classes.

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danbri commented Apr 17, 2015

Thanks. Re-opened as I'm only closing issues once we've addressed them. We'll need to tweak schema.rdfa here...

@danbri danbri added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2015
@danbri danbri The pseudo-RDFa-ultra-lite parser now handles whitespace in typeOf at…

This is for cases where we want to give multiple types in the schema config, without verbosity.
This update also takes care to normalize the use of "rdf:type" in @property to
create the exact same internal structure, i.e. canonicalize to
Intent is to avoid subtle bugs where we have two kinds of type triple depending on which
piece of RDFa syntax is used.

Required for #218 and #130 cleanup of meta-model.
@danbri danbri added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2015
@danbri danbri Each DataType type such as Text, Time, Boolean etc. is now
marked as being of 'type' DataType, rather than a subtype of DataType.

We need to update the UI/navigation accordingly.

This is for #218 and #130
danbri commented Apr 30, 2015

The vocab side of this is fixed in sdo-gozer, alongside #130. UI/python consequences of the new structure are tracked as #463.

@danbri danbri closed this Apr 30, 2015
@danbri danbri added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2015
@danbri danbri Update to address data model for DataType.
Fixes #218 #130
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