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Magento Audit Toolbox

The script generates various reports on a Magento installation that are useful as foundation for a shop audit.


Copy the files of this repository into a Magento installation (Using a development environment and not the live system is strongly recommended):

wget -O - | tar -xz

Run the script:


Warning: The script will download a clean Magento source from the Magento website to run comparisons and some addons for n98-magerun and phpcs from Github, all to the user's home directory.

When it's done, you will find the results in var/audit:

  • modules.csv: List of all modules and their status (active or inactive)
  • module-updates-from-connect.csv: List of extensions that have been installed via Magento Connect and can be updated
  • sysinfo.csv: General information about the Magento instance
  • codepooloverrides.html: Overridden core classes in app/code/local
  • corehacks.html: Modified core files
  • rewrites.csv: List of all class rewrites
  • rewrite-conflicts.xml: Conflicting class rewrites
  • phpcs.csv: Report from code sniffer about coding standard violations and possible problems

Global Usage

You can also put magento-audit outside of a Magento repository, for example in your home directory. Then you need to specify the Magento root directory as follows:

./ -r /path/to/magento

The reports will still be gathered in var/audit within the Magento root



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