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Queries and compares docker image sizes.
See also this blog post.



Most convenient: don't install at all; just run docker container (see usage). You can use it even more convenient by establishing an alias

alias docker-image-sizes='docker run --rm -e DIS_IMPL schnatterer/docker-image-size'
# If you want to query the size of a single image (faster)
# e.g. using curl (alternatives: docker, reg)
alias docker-image-size='docker run --rm --entrypoint schnatterer/docker-image-size'

Note that the image is cached locally, if you ever want to "update", just do a

docker pull schnatterer/docker-image-size


  • Install jq, e.g sudo apt get install jq
    (the script variants have additional requirements that they will tell you on startup)
  • Clone repo
  • Use either
    • directly from repo or
    • more convenient put it on the PATH, e.g. like so
      sudo ln -s $(pwd)/scripts/  /usr/local/bin/
      sudo ln -s $(pwd)/scripts/  /usr/local/bin/
      sudo ln -s $(pwd)/scripts/  /usr/local/bin/
      sudo ln -s $(pwd)/scripts/  /usr/local/bin/docker-image-sizes


Note the execution might take minutes (depending on the number of tags to query), because docker manifest is infamously slow. You can use other implementations that might be less compatible with some repos, though.


docker run --rm schnatterer/docker-image-size <docker image name> [<extended grep regex on docker tag>]
# Or with the alias mentioned above:
docker-image-sizes <docker image name> [<extended grep regex on docker tag>]


docker-image-sizes <docker image name> [<extended grep regex on docker tag>]
# or from repo 
scripts/ <docker image name> <extended grep regex on docker tag>

Querying a single image

If you care about size of one image only you can use the implementations directly, which for the curl implementation responds in about a second. Note that it takes only one parameter, similar to docker run:

# e.g. using curl (alternatives: docker, reg)
$ <docker image name>[:<Tag> | @<RepoDigest>]
# Or using the docker image
$ docker run --rm --entrypoint schnatterer/docker-image-size <docker image name>[:<Tag> | @<RepoDigest>]


# Match all tags containing '11' (a whole lot. Will take ages!)
docker-image-sizes adoptopenjdk 11
# More accurate (and faster) output
docker-image-sizes adoptopenjdk '^11.0.4'
# Multi arg results can be filtered using grep 
docker-image-sizes adoptopenjdk '^11.0.4' | grep 'amd64 linux'
# Query a single image (fastest!) adoptopenjdk:11.0.4_11-jre-hotspot

Implementations can use different implementations for querying the docker manifest from the repos. See Features per implementation bellow for details.
By default uses docker (the docker manifest command), but you could switch to curl or reg as follows:

docker run --rm -e DIS_IMPL=curl schnatterer/docker-image-size <docker image name> [<extended grep regex on docker tag>]
DIS_IMPL=curl docker-image-sizes <docker image name> [<extended grep regex on docker tag>]

Features per implementation

Depending on the registry you query from, not all implementations might work.

See unit tests for more details.

curl docker reg
with/without tag ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
repo digest ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
platform-specific digest ✔️
private repos ✔️ ️✔️
multi-arch ✔️ ️❌
manifest v1
speed fastest slowest️ ️in between️
docker hub ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ️️✔️ ️✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ❌️ ✔️

Query size with docker manifest

Queries with the experimental docker manifest command. A bit slower than the others but best compatibly for repos and most features (e.g. multi-arch). Requires docker.

# This repo only works with
$ scripts/ amd64 windows 10.0.18362.356: 2217 MB

Tested with docker 19.03.2

Query size with curl

Queries with plain curl. Fastest, fewest requirements, but also least features (e.g. no private repos, no multi-arch).

$ scripts/ 73 MB
# Does not work with reg v0.16.0
$ scripts/ 55 MB

Tested with

  • curl 7.64.0 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)
  • curl 7.66.0 (x86_64-alpine-linux-musl)

Query size with reg

Queries with genuinetools/reg. A compromise in terms of speed and features but supports fewest registries.

Requires either reg installed or docker.

$ scripts/ 23 MB

If you're using reg via docker, you can update to the latest version with

docker pull

Tested with reg version: v0.16.0; git hash: f180c93a.

Implementation notes

  • The docker repository API (OCI distribution spec) allows for querying tags from images as well as the manifest, which contains the size of each image layer.
  • From these sizes, the total image size can be aggregated. See StackOverflow answer
    for basic implementation details. These are implemented in this repo as docker-image-size-*.sh scripts, see scripts.
  • genuinetools/reg (tags command) allows for querying docker image tags on the command line.
  • brings both of them together: for conveniently comparing docker image sizes of different tags on the command line.
  • The basic logic looks like this:
$ docker run tags maven | grep -e '^3.6.2'  | \
   xargs -I{}  scripts/ "maven:{}"
maven:3.6.2: 320 MB
maven:3.6.2-amazoncorretto-11: 338 MB
  • If multiple architectures are involved for a tag, it's better to use in order to avoid errors and get more details. Unfortunately, it's much slower:
    $ docker run tags adoptopenjdk | grep -e '^11.0.4'  \
        | xargs -I{}  scripts/ "adoptopenjdk:{}"
    openjdk:11.0.4-jdk amd64 linux : 311 MB
    openjdk:11.0.4-jdk arm64 linux : 303 MB
    openjdk:11.0.4-jdk amd64 windows 10.0.17763.737: 2353 MB
    openjdk:11.0.4-jdk amd64 windows 10.0.17134.1006: 2536 MB
    openjdk:11.0.4-jdk amd64 windows 10.0.14393.3204: 5919 MB
    # ...


export DEBUG=true # Results in set -x
unset DEBUG