Alternative visualization techniques for trace analysis
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Viva - Trace Visualization Tool

Viva is an open-source tool used to analyze traces (in the Paje File Format) registered during the execution of parallel or distributed applications. The tool also serves as a sandbox to the development of new visualization techniques. Current features include:

  • Temporal integration using dynamic time-intervals
  • Spatial aggregation through hierarchical traces
  • Interactive Graph Visualization with a force-directed algorithm, with viva
  • Squarified Treemap to compare processes behavior on scale, with vv_treemap

Viva is released under the GNU General Public Licence and is developed as part of the french INFRA-SONGS ANR project.

Three-line Installation

 sudo apt-get install git cmake build-essential libboost-dev libconfig++-dev libconfig8-dev libgtk2.0-dev freeglut3-dev libqt4-dev ;
 # Install PajeNG
 git clone git:// ; mkdir -p viva/b ; cd viva/b ; cmake .. ; make install

PajeNG Installation instructions

How to run

If you are in the build directory, just type:

 $ ./viva <trace_file.trace> <graph_configuration_file.plist>
 $ ./vv_treemap <trace_file.trace>

Detailed Installation and everything else

Check the Viva's wiki.


For more information, contact the author.