A dependency-free Spotify playlist downloader that should just work
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Automatically download your Spotify playlists.

spotifydownload is an open-source tool that makes it easy to download your Spotify playlists, using getsong to find the corect song and download it and convert it to an mp3.


Unlike other downloaders, there are no dependencies (other than ffmpeg which will automatically be installed onto your system when running the first time).

Disclaimer: Downloading copyright songs may be illegal in your country. This tool is for educational purposes only and was created only to show how Spotify's API can be used to download music from YouTube. Please support the artists by buying their music.


Get the latest release or install with go get:

go get github.com/schollz/spotifydownload


To run simply do

$ spotifydownload

and you'll be prompted with instructions to get the Spotify URL link. To get the Spotify URL link you can right click on the playlist. If you are using the Desktop client, then you'll see a button "Shared > 🔗 Copy Playlist Link", or in the Web browser you'll see "Copy Playlist Link". Clicking that will copy the Spotify Playlist link to the clipboard.

If you already know your playlist URL you can enter it:

$ spotifydownload -playlist PLAYLIST_URL

Now you can easily schedule this to run using crontab, just edit it with crontab -e and add the line:

0 0 * * 0 cd /folder/to/spotifydownload &&  ./spotifydownload --playlist PLAYLIST_URL

which will execute it every 7 days so that you will never lose any songs in your Release Radar or Discover Weekly.


Pull requests are welcome. Feel free to...

  • Revise documentation
  • Add new features
  • Fix bugs
  • Suggest improvements