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mthrok commented Nov 3, 2020

This issue is for reporting the error on documentation and offering the update.
If you find an error on documentation or contents hard to understand, feel free to add a comment. (Adding a suggestion would make it easier for the contributor to work on)

If you would like to work on the fix, feel free to open a PR and attach the screenshot of the documentation.
See examples:

brightening-eyes commented Feb 20, 2018

as you know, in SoLoud, the number of filters are limited
we should implement more like different reverbs, fir and irr filters, (these could be used to implement HRTF support), Chorus, One Poll, One Zero, Pole Zero, Two Pole, Two Zero, etc
a library exists called stk under zlib license which already implemented these maybe we can implement some of these out

enzo1982 commented Dec 15, 2019

This ticket serves as a tracker for translations needing updates for fre:ac 1.1.3. It will be updated once the status of a translation changes.

Help is needed to update the translations for fre:ac 1.1.3 which has been released on 11th October 2020. The next point release is planned for December 2020.

New translations to as of yet unsupported languages are more than welcome as well of c

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