Clojure/Ring session store implemented on top of redis.
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What is Reditore

Reditore is Clojure Ring session store implemented on top of redis db. It uses 2.x version of Clojure redis client Carmine.

Inspiration came from old implmentation clj-session-store and from mongo session store Monger.



[reditore "0.9.0"]

to :dependencies in your project.clj.


reditore.core implements two ways how to store data in redis

  1. Clojure mode reditore.core/session-redis-store. It serializes all objects into Clojure form, which can be decode again only in clojure. It is prefered if you dont need to load session in another language/applications.
  2. Compatible mode reditore.core/json-session-redis-store. This serializes data to pure json. Which is easy to load them from any other language/applications.

Warning If you switch one mode for another drop all your sessions to prevent application exceptions from loading wrong format.

With Ring server

(ns myapp
  (:require [ring.middleware.session :refer [wrap-session]]
            [reditore.core :refer [session-redis-store]]))

(def redis-connection
  {:pool {}
   :spec {:host ""
          :port 6379}})

(def app
  (-> your-routes
      ... other middlewares ...
      (wrap-session {:store (session-redis-store redis-connection)})
      ... other middlewares ...))

With Noir application

(ns myapp
  (:require [noir.util.middleware :refer [app-handler]]
            [reditore.core :refer [session-redis-store]]))

(def redis-connection
  {:pool {}
   :spec {:host ""
          :port 6379}})

(def app
  (app-handler [my-routes]
			   :store (session-redis-store redis-connection)
			   :middleware [])


When you want to use json compatible mode

; require compatible json-session-redis-store
(:require [reditore.core :refer [json-session-redis-store]])
; use that 
(json-session-redis-store redis-connection)

Want sessions to automatically expire?

; expire after 12 hours
(session-redis-store redis-connection {:expire-secs (* 3600 12)})

Or different prefix for redis key?

; Change prefix
(session-redis-store redis-connection {:prefix "my-sessions"})


Reditor is released under the MIT License.