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PIDX is an efficient parallel I/O library that reads and writes multiresolution IDX data files. The master branch is currently Build Status on Linux and OSX and Project Badge on Windows.


Download and install cmake from::

Get source code from::


From shell:

cd <path/to/pidx>
mkdir -p build 
cd build
cmake ../ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/install/path/PIDX
make && make install

Optional Build Settings

Explicitly control whether to build static or shared library::


Enable Examples::


Enable Profiling::


Your Project

CMake: FindPIDX.cmake is provided in root installation directory after running make install. It configures PIDX_INCLUDE_DIR and PIDX_LIBRARIES for use by your application.

Makefile: Compile with -I/install/path/PIDX (add to CFLAGS).

Link with -L/install/path/PIDX/lib -lpidx -lzfp (add to LDFLAGS).


A few simple function calls are all that's necessary to instrument your application to utilize PIDX I/O:

Please see the examples in the "examples" folder and our wiki:

Documentation from the PIDX Tutorial can be found here:


Users forum:

Please join our forum at


We welcome machine-specific modifications and bug fixes: please report issues and send pull requests to


If you would like to extend PIDX, please contact

Commercial Use:

If you would like to use PIDX for commercial applications, please contact


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