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bnoordhuis commented Sep 28, 2020


Idea: move logic from src/unix/linux-core.c to src/unix/epoll.c and share that between Linux and Illumos.


  • removes 250-300 lines of code from src/unix/sunos.c
  • switches to much more battle-hardened code
  • makes libuv more efficient because it no longer has to accommodate this event ports quirk:
diff --git a/src/unix/core.c b/s
njsmith commented May 18, 2020

What should happen if deliver_cancel raises an exception? In the current implementation, the shielded cancel scope will prevent it from propagating until the process exits, which might take a while if the crash occurred before signaling the process in any way. Maybe on exception from a user-specified deliver_cancel we should call the default deliver_cancel to kill the process? Or just kill() since

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