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Upcoming events

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Sprint planning

Sprint @ Euroscipy

We will be holding a sprint at Euroscipy in Cambridge, on August 31st. Venue:

People present: (please also indicate what you would like to work on)

  • Gael Varoquaux: bug fixing, merging GSOC-related work

  • Olivier Grisel: bug fixing, merging GSOC-related work

  • Federico Vaggi: general help. Tests for better Pandas integration?

  • Max Linke: general help

  • Camilla Montonen : general help (+methods for calculating ROC AUC confidence intervals?)

Suggested tasks

Welcoming new contributors

The sprint is a great time for new contributors to become familiar with the project. We welcome newcomers. Please be sure to read the contributing section of the documentation, and to have a development environment ready in which you can install scikit-learn from scratch, build it, and use git to push changes to github.

Past sprints

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