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Upcoming events

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Sprint planning

Sprint @ Pydata Paris

We will be holding a sprint at Pydata Paris, April 2nd. Venue: C48, Télécom Paris, 46 rue Barrault. Le sprint est sponsorisé par Rakuten.

We start at 9:15am !

Registration is mandatory. You will not be able to enter the building otherwise.

People present: (please also indicate what you would like to work on)

  • Nelle
  • Gilles
  • Gael
  • Alex
  • Vincent
  • Lowik
  • David
  • Robin
  • Michael (@eickenberg, chunk and cherry pick old ridge regression refactoring PR)
  • Loïc (@lesteve)
  • Danilo (@banilo)
  • Tim Head (@betatim)
  • Joseph
  • Eugene Ndiaye
  • Tim V-G
  • Jair (@jmontoyam, new contributor)
  • Konstantin Shmelkov
  • Denis (@dengemann, update ICA pull request; misc fixes)
  • Olivier Grisel (@ogrisel, review some [MRG]-level PRs)

Suggested tasks

The most important tasks are to finish off pull requests, fix bugs and close issues. For this, it can be useful to look at tickets labelled 'easy':

Welcoming new contributors

The sprint is a great time for new contributors to become familiar with the project. We welcome newcomers. Please be sure to read the contributing section of the documentation, and to have a development environment ready in which you can install scikit-learn from scratch, build it, and use git to push changes to github.

Past sprints

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