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Sprint planning

Sprint @Paris - 6-10 June 2017

We will be holding a sprint in Paris, June 6th to 10th. Each day, the sprint will start at 9.30 am until 6.30 pm.


The sprint will be hosted by Criteo (Google Maps) from Tuesday to Friday and in La Paillasse (Google Maps) for Saturday http://www.criteo.com/fr/ - http://lapaillasse.org/

Social event

To be decided.

People present:

Indicate on what you want to work on.

  • Alex Gramfort
  • Loïc Estève
  • Olivier Grisel
  • Lemaitre Guillaume #8350, #8363, sampler
  • Andreas Mueller multiple metrics, one-hot encoder, average precision, estimator tags / estimator checks for instances
  • Vlad Niculae (linear models / matrix factorization / sklearn-contrib--friendly common tests / docs)
  • Jan Margeta
  • Raghav RV
  • Bertrand Thirion (June 7)
  • Elvis Dohmatob
  • Nicolas Goix
  • Roman Yurchak
  • Tom Dupré la Tour
  • Albert Thomas (June 7-10) --> outlier detection consistency issue #8693, SVDD PR #7910
  • Mohamed Maskani Filali
  • Arthur Imbert
  • Joan Massich
  • Paul Lagrée
  • Manoj Kumar
  • Joris Van den Bossche
  • Nicolas Cordier
  • Alexandre Abadie
  • Aurélien Bellet (June 7) --> metric learning, #8602
  • Nathalie Vauquier (June 7)
  • Thomas Moreau
  • Patricio Cerda
  • Denis Engemann (day not yet settled). Help merging the quantile normalizer and related documentation and testing #8363.
  • Thierry Guillemot

Suggested tasks

Welcoming new contributors

The sprint is a great time for new contributors to become familiar with the project. We welcome newcomers. Please be sure to read the contributing section of the documentation http://scikit-learn.org/dev/developers/contributing.html, and to have a development environment ready in which you can install scikit-learn from scratch, build it, and use git to push changes to github.

Past sprints

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