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Plugin to use Localrec programs within the Scipion framework
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Localrec scipion plugin

Electron cryomicroscopy can yield near-atomic resolution structures of highly ordered macromolecular complexes. Often however some subunits bind in a flexible manner, have different symmetry from the rest of the complex, or are present in sub-stoichiometric amounts, limiting the attainable resolution. Here we implement a general method for the localized three-dimensional reconstruction of such subunits. (see for details)

This sub-package contains data and protocol classes to use Localrec within the Scipion framework

Install this plugin

You will need to use 2.0.0 version of Scipion to run these protocols. To install the plugin, you have two options:

  • Stable version
scipion installp -p scipion-em-localrec


  • through the plugin manager GUI by launching Scipion and following Configuration >> Plugins
  • Developer's version
  1. Download repository:
git clone
  1. Install:
scipion installp -p path_to_scipion-em-localrec --devel
  • Tests
  1. scipion test localrec.tests.test_protocol_localized_reconstruction


  • localized subparticles: Calculate the orientations of the subunits of interest and their positions in the original particle images.
  • filter_subunits: Filter the subunits (sub-particles) based on spatial distance, angular distance, etc.
  • localized extraction: Extract computed sub-particles from a SetOfParticles.

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