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A logistical pulsar search pipeline using Scott Ransom's PRESTO.

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A logistical pulsar search pipeline using Scott Ransom's PRESTO.

The documentation includes information about how the pipeline is set up, 
how to install it, dependencies, etc.

Detailed documentation can be found in docs/documentation.pdf.

Some key dependencies:
PRESTO, a suite of pulsar search programs by Scott Ransom.
    - Available on GitHub:
    - Python scripts and wrappers must be set up. (See PRESTO's documentation.)

psrfits_utils, a suite of utilities to read/write/manipulate PSRFITS files.
    - Availble at:
    - NOTE: Kevin Stovall's branch of psrfits_utils is required until 'combine_mocks'
            is merged into the main stream.

Additional dependencies are listed docs/documentation.pdf.

GitHub address:
Patrick Lazarus, March 9th, 2011
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