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app location submission message was showing up twice
autotest backed up to make all the tests pass
config users can update location metadata
db add db indexes
doc sometimes, a commit happens
lib move more operator status report logic to the model for testing
public a public robots.txt
script initial cucumber install
spec slight changes to weekly admin text
.gitignore add simplecov and coveralls support
.rubocop.yml fix rubocop style issues
.rvmrc upgrade to ruby 2.1.2.
.travis.yml change default travis test to bundle exec rake
Capfile rubocop compliance
Gemfile rubocop compliance
Gemfile.lock upgrade rails_admin gem
Procfile switch to puma coveralls badge
Rakefile disable Style/Next cop in report_empty_locations, it has a bug README: Added Mac setup instructions

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sweet pinballin' brah

API Documentation

Available here:

Mac Enviroment Setup

Below is a summary of the steps that Brian Hanifin undertook to get the site up and running on OS X 10.9. If you would like to contribute, and have any trouble, please ask.

  • Follow the Ruby install instructions at Make sure you also download ruby-1.9.3.
  • cd /Projects-Path/
  • git clone (I used the SourceTree app instead.)
  • cd /Projects-Path/pbm
  • rvm --default use ruby-1.9.3
  • bundle install
  • selenium install
  • brew update && brew install phantomjs
  • Create config/database.yml with the following:
    adapter: postgresql
    encoding: utf8
    database: pbm_dev
    template: template0
    host: localhost

test: &test
    adapter: postgresql
    encoding: utf8
    database: pbm_test
    template: template0

    adapter: postgresql
    encoding: utf8
    database: pbm
    username: root
    template: template0

    <<: *test
  • brew install postgresql
  • initdb /usr/local/var/postres -E utf8
  • Download Postgres App. (I have mine run at startup on my "Dev" profile.)
  • bundle exec rake db:create ; RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:create
  • bundle exec rake db:migrate ; RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:migrate
  • bundle exec rspec
  • rake doc:app (I think this generates documentation for the app, which sounds helpful for later.)
  • curl | sh
  • cd ~/.pow
  • ln -s /Projects-Path/pbm
  • Edit change run Pbm::Application to Pbm::Application (Workaround: so Pow can run the site.)
  • open

If the site loads properly it will be an empty version of, then ask Scott for a data dump so you can have a full set of data to work with.

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