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Food or Foe?

Screenshot of Food or Foe?

How many food emoji can you correctly identify in 30 seconds?

Each correct answer is worth 1 point. A wrong answer decreases your score by 1 point.

At the end of a round, add your name and score to the leaderboard!

Happy guessing!


git clone

To get the API up and running:

cd food-or-foe-react/backend
rails db:migrate
rails db:seed
rails s

And the frontend:

cd food-or-foe-react/frontend
npm install
npm start

To play, open http://localhost:3006 in a browser.

API Endpoints

Food or Foe? has three models, each of which can be accessed at the following endpoints.


Is this game missing your favorite emoji?

To contribute, please make a pull request with the name of the emoji, it's character and if it is a food or not to the backend/db/seeds.rb file.

Here's how I would add 🍔 (hamburger)

Emoji.create(slug: "hamburger", character: "🍔", is_food?: true)

The Unicode emoji list is a great resource for finding interesting emojis to contribute.

Future Enhancements

  • Host on Heroku
  • Limit leaderboard to top 10–20 scores
  • HARD MODE - One wrong guess and the game is over
  • Player feedback - Good job! Missing one!
  • Multiplier for multiple correct guesses in a row
  • Testing mode - 3 second timer instead of 30 seconds
  • Accept keyboard inputs for Food or Foe buttons
  • Error messaging
  • Continuous deployment
  • Is this game accessible?
  • Improve mobile rendering (portrait or landspace?)
  • Late night craving mode (dark mode)
  • What could easily share/Tweet your results and score after a game?
  • Refactor "Make a Guess" function
  • API URLs as global variables


If you encounter any bugs or glitches while playing, please open an issue so that I can look into finding a fix.


This is the React & Redux version of the Food or Foe? game the Javascript version can be found here.


How many food emoji can you correctly identify in 30 seconds? (React-based game w/Ruby on Rails API backend)






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