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Scrapy website

This is the website that runs on


This website is made with Jekyll. The most universal way to install it is:

bundle install


To start the web server locally auto-reloading when files change use:

jekyll serve --watch

The website is updated via the Travis build when merging to the master branch.

Adding your company to the website

Are you a company or individual using Scrapy for your product or project? Add yourself to the "Companies using Scrapy" list by sending a pull request:

  • add a "company card" in _data/companies/list/<companyslug>.yml as a YAML file; you need to set a few fields: a name, a "logouser" for your logo filename, a homepage and a blurb in markdown syntax on how you're using Scrapy. Do add links to any article or tweet spreading your love of Scrapy
  • add your logo to img/
  • add the slug of your company card to the list in _data/companies/users.yml.

Are you providing Scrapy consulting?

If you are a company providing Scrapy consulting or spider development, you can submit a pull request to add your company to the "Scrapy Pros" list.

The companies are sorted by their overall contribution to the Scrapy project and ecosystem. There's a small process to manage that:

  1. In order to appear in the list, a company must score at least five points in the table below.
  2. The company must submit an issue to repo whenever they want to update their contributions and ranking.
  3. This issue must contain references to all the contributions that the company made since the last time their rank has been updated.

This is the criteria that will be used:

Contribution Points
Pull request accepted in scrapy repo 50
Creation or contribution to public Scrapy plugins 20
Instructional materials such as screencasts, tutorials or blog posts 10
Blog posts that spread the word about Scrapy 5
Landing page in the company website describing the Scrapy services 2
Scrapy listed in the company's technologies stack (if any) 2
Answer to StackOverflow question regarding Scrapy 1

In practice, to be listed, you'll need to:

  • add/update your "company card" in _data/companies/list/<companyslug>.yml as a YAML file; it needs a url field (e.g. the landing page of your consulting services offer), a description field describing your services (use markdown), and a logo filename
  • add your logo to img/
  • add/update your contributions in _data/companies/pros/contributions.csv
  • re-run inside _data/companies/pros/

and send a pull request with these changes.


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