ScreenX TV

OSS tools to broadcast your terminal

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Core part of ScreenX TV and some sample code.

Updated Oct 30, 2013


[NOTE: this is obsolete repo] A Java-based tool to broadcast your terminal to the world. This program contains some codes that enable you to Write, not only Read, when you log in via browsers.

Updated Oct 30, 2013


The slides presented at RubyKaigi2013.

Updated Jun 1, 2013

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Updated May 28, 2013

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A one-line script to run ScreenX TV Client for temporary use.

Updated Mar 30, 2013

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Tweet an announcement when someone started broadcasting his/her terminal on ScreenX TV.

Updated Mar 30, 2013


ScreenX TV Client is a software that enables you to broadcast your terminal to ScreenX TV.

Updated Mar 30, 2013