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Contributing to Overseerr

All help is welcome and greatly appreciated! If you would like to contribute to the project, the following instructions should get you started...


Tools Required

  • HTML/Typescript/Javascript editor
    • VSCode is recommended. Upon opening the project, a few extensions will be automatically recommended for install.
  • NodeJS (Node 14.x or higher)
  • Yarn
  • Git

Getting Started

  1. Fork the repository to your own GitHub account and clone it to your local device:

    git clone
    cd overseerr/
  2. Add the remote upstream:

    git remote add upstream
  3. Create a new branch:

    git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME develop
    • It is recommended to give your branch a meaningful name, relevant to the feature or fix you are working on.
      • Good examples:
        • docs-docker
        • feature-new-system
        • fix-title-cards
      • Bad examples:
        • bug
        • docs
        • feature
        • fix
        • patch
  4. Run the development environment:

    yarn dev
    • Alternatively, you can use Docker with docker-compose up -d. This method does not require installing NodeJS or Yarn on your machine directly.
  5. Create your patch and test your changes.

    • Be sure to follow both the code and UI text guidelines.
    • Should you need to update your fork, you can do so by rebasing from upstream:
      git fetch upstream
      git rebase upstream/develop
      git push origin BRANCH_NAME -f

Contributing Code

  • If you are taking on an existing bug or feature ticket, please comment on the issue to avoid multiple people working on the same thing.
  • All commits must follow Conventional Commits
    • Pull requests with commits not following this standard will not be merged.
  • Please make meaningful commits, or squash them prior to opening a pull request.
    • Do not squash commits once people have begun reviewing your changes.
  • Always rebase your commit to the latest develop branch. Do not merge develop into your branch.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your branch up-to-date. Your work will not be merged unless it is rebased off the latest develop branch.
  • You can create a "draft" pull request early to get feedback on your work.
  • Your code must be formatted correctly, or the tests will fail.
    • We use Prettier to format our code base. It should automatically run with a Git hook, but it is recommended to have the Prettier extension installed in your editor and format on save.
  • If you have questions or need help, you can reach out via Discussions or our Discord server.
  • Only open pull requests to develop, never master! Any pull requests opened to master will be closed.

UI Text Style

When adding new UI text, please try to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Be concise and clear, and use as few words as possible to make your point.
  2. Use the Oxford comma where appropriate.
  3. Use the appropriate Unicode characters for ellipses, arrows, and other special characters/symbols.
  4. Capitalize proper nouns, such as Plex, Radarr, Sonarr, Telegram, Slack, Pushover, etc. Be sure to also use the official capitalization for any abbreviations; e.g., IMDb has a lowercase 'b', whereas TMDB and TheTVDB have a capital 'B'.
  5. Title case headings, button text, and form labels. Note that verbs such as "is" should be capitalized, whereas prepositions like "from" should be lowercase (unless as the first or last word of the string, in which case they are also capitalized).
  6. Capitalize the first word in validation error messages, dropdowns, and form "tips." These strings should not end in punctuation.
  7. Ensure that toast notification strings are complete sentences ending in punctuation.
  8. If an additional description or "tip" is required for a form field, it should be styled using the global CSS class label-tip.
  9. In full sentences, abbreviations like "info" or "auto" should not be used in place of full words, unless referencing the name/label of a specific setting or option which has an abbreviation in its name.
  10. Do your best to check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.
  11. Do not misspell "Overseerr."


We use Weblate for our translations, and your help with localizing Overseerr would be greatly appreciated! If your language is not listed below, please open a feature request.

Translation status


This contribution guide was inspired by the Next.js and Radarr contribution guides.