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Sculpin - PHP Static Site Generator

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Sculpin takes plain old text files (Markdown, Textile, etc.) and combines them with Twig templates to produce a set of static HTML files that can be easily deployed to almost any hosting platform.

Visit for more information.


Sculpin has documentation but also is "learn by example". If you are interested in trying out Sculpin you should fire up a Sculpin skeleton site to see Sculpin in action.

Sculpin Skeletons

Skeletons are starting points for a new Sculpin based site. While not strictly required (you can always start a site from scratch) using a skeleton is a good way to get a bunch of structure in place with little or no effort.

Unless otherwise noted, the following skeletons are barebones. They will have minimal styles (if any at all) and are not intended to be pretty. You are expected to add all of the style magic yourself.

Phar distributions

Phar distribution and embedded composer are deprecated. Phar files are no longer published, please use composer to install sculpin.
Embedded composer will be removed in sculpin v3




Want to get involved? Here are a few ways:

  • Find us in the #sculpin IRC channel on
  • Join the Sculpin Users mailing list.
  • Mention @getsculpin on Twitter.

Not Invented Here

There are other fine projects from which Sculpin has been inspired. Many are more mature than this one. If you are looking for a stable project with an established community, try something on the following admittedly incomplete list: