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Inptools provides functionality to process EPANET INP files in various ways.
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Inptools allows to work with EPANET INP files.

See for additional information.


inp2shp and inpproj require a patched version of the EPANET Toolkit.
You can find such a patched version under
One option to compile on Windows: Build the commandline tools using MinGW.
The second option is to cross-compile on Linux, using the mingw32 package. 
You'll find Makefile targets for the individual executables in the Makefile 
generated by Automake. Instead of installing libepanet2 and libshp, you should
use the configure options --with-epanet-src and --with-shapelib-src to 
specify the location of the sources in that case. 

Documentation was built using Eclipse/ANT using doc/build.xml with

* Docbook-XSL 1.74.0 installed to inptools/../../lib/docbook-xsl
* FOP 0.95 installed to inptools/../../lib/fop
* XALAN-J 2.7.1 installed to inptools/../../lib/xalan-j

Build the installer using the Unicode version of NSIS.

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