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fourkbomb libcpio: make position-independent
The elfloader uses libcpio, and is position-independent. Without this
patch, loading images from the CPIO archive will fail.
Latest commit 98aaebe Apr 24, 2019
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libelf libelf: add elf_check_magic function Feb 27, 2019
libethdrivers CMake: Mark config options as advanced Apr 16, 2019
liblwip CMake: Mark config options as advanced Apr 16, 2019
libpci trivial: style CMakeLists.txt Apr 16, 2019
libpicotcp CMake: Mark config options as advanced Apr 16, 2019
libplatsupport trivial: libplatsupport: style fixes Apr 30, 2019
libutils CMake: Mark config options as advanced Apr 16, 2019
.licenseignore Ignore imported header Oct 25, 2017
CMakeLists.txt picotcp: Port to CMake Jun 19, 2018
LICENSE.txt fix licenses Jun 5, 2017 README: add picotcp Jun 25, 2018

Collection of OS independent utility libs:

  • libcpio - a library for parsing CPIO files.
  • libelf - a library for parsing ELF files.
  • libethdrivers - a library for ethernet drivers.
  • libpci - a library for PCI drivers.
  • libplatsupport - a library of platform support utilities, interfaces for interacting with drivers, timer drivers, serial drivers and clock drivers.
  • libutils - a library of generic utilities including:
    • ansi.h - utilities for formatting ansi output.
    • arith.h - utilities for arithmetic, ie MAX, MIN, ROUND_UP etc.
    • assume.h - provides ASSUME, which allows the user to provide hints to gcc.
    • builtin.h - defines conventient macros for using builtin gcc attributes.
    • compile_time.h - provides compile time asserts.
    • debug.h - various debugging macros.
    • formats.h - formats for printf.
    • list.h - a basic, void * pointer based list implementation.
    • math.h - provies complex math, ie. muldivu64.
    • page.h - provides virtual memory page operations.
    • sglib.h - an open source template library that provides arrays, lists, red-black trees etc.
    • stringify.h - provides macros for creating even more macros.
    • time.h - provides temporal constants (i.e US_IN_S)
    • util.h - includes all util header files.
    • verification.h - macros for verification in Isabelle.
    • zf_log_config.h - provides zf_log config.
    • zf_log.h - an open source logging library.
    • libpicotcp - a wrapper library to include picotcp.
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