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Lists Of Values

How many times you have been writing an application and needed a list of countries, areas, provinces, counties, phone prefixes, postal codes, etc. and you had to search for it with not so successful results?

LOVS repository is intended to be a collaborative effort to provide a central place to find lists of values of common use accross applications.


The files are stored in ISO 639-1 code language folders and a subfolder with language code + ISO 3166-1 country code will exists if the file is more country specific.

Datasets with no language or not applicable will fall in the universal folder.


All lists are valid JSON YAML. This means that it's format is YAML files compatible with JSON syntax and should be parseable by YAML modules like Syck.

How to contribute

  • Be sure that your dataset it's not already in the repository to not duplicate data.

  • Be sure your files validates. You can use this tool: or

  • Fork the repository

  • Add your files to it

  • Test it with the test script and check if the test passes.

  • Send us a pull request, one file per pull request, one pull request per file.

Tip: You can find useful datasets spread all over the web.

Testing your files


script/test -- [File]

to test your files


Check the scripts folder to find several tools to work with the lists.